What is a Tagine?

On a recent trip to Melbourne we ventured to Neil Perry’s fabulous Rockpool Restaurant. We were delighted at the extensive menu, which is created each day depending on the freshest produce they are able to buy on the day. Now I am a bit of a vege head (strange to be in a steak retsaurant) so the Vegetable Tagine was my pick.

Sounds interesting I thought, and not really knowing what a tagine was I asked the young waiter. Its a spicy Moroccan style, slow cooked vegetable dish he explained. I awaited the arrival of my meal with eagerness.

I thought it interesting that I hadn’t heard of a Tagine before so when I returned home I went in search of some more information. Here is what I found ……

Both the name of a stew and a vessel that it is cooked in.

The Pot, madeTagine Pot from earthenware, has a conical lid that locks in flavours and moisture. It is used widely in North Africa, especially Morocco and Algeria, to  slow-cook spicy vegetable or meat tagines.

So, that is what a tagine is. And, by the way, it was delicious. I am now on the hunt to buy a tagine and create some of these wonderful dishes for myself.


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