Ways To Use Christmas Fruit Mince

Traditionally we find Christmas fruit mince served as little individual fruit pies. Loaded with flavor and spices and for some a little too heavy. For me this generally relates to the store bought, mass produced Christmas Mince Pie. They are great warmed up and served with cream and/or ice cream. However if you make your own fruit mince, which is very easy (see BLOG date 31/10) and use it creatively, then I am sure you will see the old Christmas Mince Pie in a different light.

Making your own pastry is a great way to change the flavor and the look of your mince pie. Cut your bases to fit into a muffin pan and instead of having a traditional top on your pie, why not try making a lattice weave, or cutting the shape of a star (or any other shape that you fancy) or a dollop of meringue. Brush the pastry tops with a little egg white and sprinkle top with sugar and bake at 200 degrees for about 20 minutes. (Make your lattice topping in one piece and then cut separate rounds for each pie.)

The flavor of the fruit mince can sometimes be too strong for some people and so when we were kids Mum would mix it with stewed apple and spread a thin layer onto puff pastry. Then place a second sheet on top, brush with beaten egg and bake until the pastry was golden. Sprinkle with icing sugar to serve. She usually made this on Christmas Eve and it is delicious. Of course it can be eaten as a dessert as well.

You can also take the puff pastry idea and cutting rounds in the pastry, place a teaspoon full of your apple and fruit mince (or just the fruit mince) in the centre. Then fold over and pinch the edges. Brush with beaten egg and cook until golden. Now you have little Christmas Fruit Mince Turnovers.

Be a little creative and have fun trying new ideas. Even when it doesn’t look the way you imagined, it will still taste great.


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