The Importance of Enzymes

Enzymes are an essential part of life. Run out of enzymes and you run out of life. They help our bodies to do every job necessary to function and keep us going. So exactly what are they, and what do they do?

Enzymes are essential for stimulating our brain, for digesting our food, giving us energy and repairing organs and cells, just to name a few. They are apart of every biochemical reaction that takes place in our bodies.

There are three types of enzymes that our bodies require to maintain health and wellbeing and stay alive.

Food Enzymes – vital for good digestion

Metabolic Enzymes – necessary to help with everything our bodies do

Digestive Enzymes – help us digest the foods we eat

Food enzymes come into the body through the foods that we eat. They are vital to help us digest food, absorb nutrients and maintain a healthy body.

Metabolic enzymes are produced by the body and are necessary to support our functionality and everything we do. Metabolic enzymes help detoxification as well as energising the cells.

Digestive enzymes are produced by the Pancreas and along with food enzymes, aid in the digestion of foods that we eat.

Raw plant based foods like fruit, vegetables, salads, raw nuts and seeds, bring food enzymes into the body to help the digestion process.

Cooked foods, processed foods and de-natured foods do not have enzymes, so when you eat them your body needs to produce more enzymes to do the digesting. Which is fine, except your body can only produce a certain amount of enzymes in its lifetime.

When the number of enzymes being produced starts to reduce, then our body will start to shut down and eventually die.

Eating too many cooked foods depletes the number of enzymes our body can use to keep our bodies functioning at an optimum level.

When we eat more raw, plant based foods, which contain their own enzymes, then our body can use the enzymes it is producing, and it’s energy, to help itself in other areas. It is not the foods that heal us when we change our eating habits, but the fact that we are nourishing our bodies correctly, allowing the body to use it’s precious resources to correct the imbalances that cause us distress/dis-ease and not for coping with the nutrient and enzyme depleted fill we call food. Fast foods, processed foods, high sugar and fat foods, meat, dairy and wheat products are all placing a huge burden on our bodies. It’s time to make some changes. Make a conscious decision to reduce the amount of processed foods, cooked foods, wheat, dairy and meat and to increase the amount of raw foods in the form of salads, vegetables and fruits with every meal and experience the difference for your self.

Contact me through the page if you have any specific questions or would like some more guidance in this area.

With Love and Gratitude

Rochelle xx

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