Put Your Thinking Face Away and Put On Your Smile

You know that face you get when you’re concentrating on something for a long period of time – a project or job that you’re doing, or when you get a bit stressed or worried. I call it my ‘thinking face’. It’s the face that leads others to think you are grumpy or sad about something.

You know the one …… The face you get when you need to concentrate on something to get the job done.

Well, a while back I was getting a lot of people comment – are you ok? whats wrong? why are you grumpy?

It started to get me down. Yes, I was busy, yes there was lots going on ……… but nothing was wrong and I certainly wasn’t grumpy, exhausted maybe, but not grumpy.

I realised that I had let my busy-ness levels takeover and I was showing up with my ‘thinking face’ on (or maybe I should call it my ‘thunder face’) and giving people the wrong impression.

So, recently I decided to do a little experiment. I made a conscious decision to SMILE, all the time. Smile at everything I did, even the small things, smile at the housework things, smile while I was reading, smile when I was walking, smile when I talked (and before I answered) smile at the dog, and just smile for no particular reason.

I really was quite amazed at the physical change I felt in my body just by putting a smile on my face. I could actually feel the happiness inside. It’s such a small simple thing to do and so many of us are walking around looking like we have the weight of the world upon us, when in reality we have so much to be grateful for.

A smiley face will not only release happy hormones into your system that will make you feel better in so many ways, it is also a sure fire, easy way to improve your health and wellbeing right now, and costs you nothing. And you never know whose life you will impact with love, just by sharing your smile.

Try this for yourself, it’s pretty cool. Put A smile On Your Dial and Watch Your World Change.


With Love and Gratitude

Rochelle xx



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