Only 56 Days Till Christmas

Wow, how fast has the year gone. Only 56 days till Christmas now, how organised are you. Are you having Christmas Dinner at home with all your family? Or are you going to go out and enjoy someone else doing the cooking and the cleaning up?

Either way you will need to have some Christmas treats arranged for those visitors, expected or unexpected, that just drop by. Champagne, Christmas cake, truffles and of course Christmas Pudding are all great things to have on hand when guests arrive.

A slice of cold Christmas Pudding is fantastic served with champagne or a nice cup of tea or coffee. There is always enough Christmas Pudding left in our house to share with friends, snack on during the day or to enjoy for dessert for at least a few weeks after Christmas.

If you are not keen on making your own, just order one today by visiting the  Christmas Puddings For Sale page and choosing the size that is right for your family. Delivered to your door in time for Christmas.

They take about 10 days to make, so be sure you get your order in by December  1st.


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