How much do you love Christmas?

If you are anything like me you probably start thinking about next Christmas the minute this one is over. What will we eat, who will be coming, etc etc. You spend weeks if not months planning your menu, looking for new recipes and  ideas for decorating the table and the house. I love getting the Christmas edition of the Womens Weekly and checking out the recipes from all the different chefs and celebs.

How many of you do all of this and then go and buy your Christmas Pudding from the supermarket???


Well you no longer have to do this. With a hand made traditional Christmas Pudding, made with love in Chelle’s¬†Kitchen, Christmas dinner will be an event to remember and to look forward to every year. Its simple and easy for you to treat your family at this special time of year. All you need to do is heat (instructions provided) and eat with your favorite accompliments.

Visit the Christmas Pudding page and order yours today. Traditional or Gluten Free, delivered to you and your family ready for Christmas. Enjoy.

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