Cooking Class Experiences

Have you ever thought about doing a cooking class in another country? This is something that’s ¬†been on my food radar for some years now. It combines my love of travel and food and I’m sure it would provide an experience like no other. In countries like France and Italy you can attend week long cooking schools where you stay in a beautifully restored country home or villa and experience first hand the local hospitality, culture, food and language.

Most of the packages include accommodation and most meals, cooking classes held at the house as well as trips to local fresh produce markets, restaurants, wineries and other amazing local attractions. The one in Tuscany I have recently discovered also includes Italian speech lessons. How cool.

Here are two that I would like to visit:

La Combe en Perigord in South Western France and

Culinary Interludes in Tuscany.

The classes are usually run on a seasonal basis between April and Nov. Take a look, maybe we could organise a group to go and have an experience.

Of course you can do this in other countries as well. I will talk more about them another day.


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