Christmas – Turkey, Ham or Pork

There is little doubt that one of the highlights of Christmas is the food. I’ve talked a lot about Christmas Pudding and Christmas Deserts so today I would like to talk about the main course.

Growing up we always had a whole leg of baked ham. Dressed with peppercorns, pineapple and cherries. Even though we all ate so much at Christmas Dinner that we could hardly move, there was always plenty left over to eat for days afterwards. I have baked a ham on one or two occasions however it has never been my choice for Christmas Dinner.

I have tried the roast pork Christmas dinner a few times and although it is the chosen meal of many families, again it is not my preference. It is great though with a port gravy and all the apple sauce trimmings.

For me Christmas dinner is Turkey. Roast turkey either whole or the buff or breast meat roll, served with fresh homemade cranberry sauce, roasted veges, gravy and brie cheese. Each year I do like to look for a new way to prepare our turkey, a succulent juicy piece of meat, full of flavor that leaves the family looking for more.

Living in beautiful sunny Queensland, Christmas is always very hot, so we usually serve a variety of fresh seafood as well. Prawns, Morten Bay Bugs and Smoked Salmon are amongst our favorites and whenever I can I will sneak in a fresh salad. I know thats not very Christmas, however it suits our climate.

I would love to hear about your favorite Christmas Dinner menus. So leave a comment and share with my readers. Your favorites could become ours.


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