Christmas Traditions

What sort of Christmas Traditions do you have or follow? Be it Christmas Food or otherwise. One that I have cultivated over the years is having Christmas Dinner and the whole Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve. Many European countries celebrate on Christmas Eve. I absolutely love it.

I can spend all day preparing, with shops still open (in case I forgot something). Everyone is excited, friends come by for Christmas drinks and nibbles, and we set the table (either inside or out) ready for a wonderful night. Christmas Carols on the TV and lots of laughter and good fun.

We can spend all night over our meal and of course finish off with a warm slice of delicious Christmas Pudding served with custard, cream and ice cream. One present before bed is usually allowed for everyone (including the adults that can’t wait ) .

Christmas Day is then completely free and dedicated to relaxing and enjoying each others company. And of course, eating all the yummy left overs from the night before, as well as a few new treats.

If you have any favorite Christmas Traditions that you would like to share, we would love to hear about them and so would my others readers. I look forward to hearing from you.


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