Christmas Food

Do you have favorite foods that you like to serve at Christmas time?

Each year I usually go in search of something a bit different or new to serve at Christmas Dinner, although I do like to have Turkey. The things that have tended to become regular features or traditions on our Christmas table though are more in the dessert line. Besides the Christmas Pudding.

Trifle – soft jam sponge with jelly, custard, tinned peaches, pineapple, cream and fresh passion fruit. Yummm , always a favorite.

Boysenberry Jelly. This is one that my Mum always made. Not sure where it came from. Make up a couple of packets of Port Wine Jelly (I like to make it a bit firmer than the directions say so use a little less water if you like it this way too) and pour that over a 1kg of frozen boysenberries. You should have enough jelly to cover the berries but you don’t want it to be too much jelly. Its all about the berries. When you serve it you will find its like a bowl full of berries supported by the jelly. Its delicious.

Let me know some of your favorite Christmas Foods.


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