When Chelle’s Kitchen was first launched a couple of years ago, it was all about Christmas Puddings (for selling) with lashings of custard and cream, gooey yummy desserts, reviews on restaurants, wines, cheeses and food festivals. All the best things food related I had been living for years.

For those of you who have been following me you will know that over the past few months I have been rather more down the track of Raw Food goodies – meals and desserts and easy snacks that are healthier for you and your body. I am really focused on showing families how they can take back responsibility for their health and well- being and easily get off the fast food convenience based roundabout.

This (Raw Food and Vegan style eating) has become a way of life for me/us at home now and I’m not about to tell you that this is what you need to do. That’s a personal choice when you’re ready. However I still love to create gorgeous traditional desserts with lashings of cream and chocolate and berries (and sugar and eggs). We still enjoy our cheese platters on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, just not as often. When we eat out we are not so strict on ourselves but do try to stick to a healthier choice. Which is not always possible when it comes to dessert. We have tried some of the new Raw and Vegetarian venues here on the Gold Coast, which are amazing.

Dessert has always been my passion, so you will see from here on in that there will be a mix of posts, photo’s, recipes and classes that will cover Raw, Vegan, Clean Eating, meals and desserts, as well as the deliciously wicked and oh so yummy, sometime indulgences of the decadent type.

I hope you will enjoy my thoughts and I look forward to hearing your comments and ideas on the posts. I also hope that you will join us for a Food Experience one day soon.

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