A Mother’s Pride

Do you have an idea how great it feels to have your kids cook for you?

The other night my eldest son, 23, and his girlfriend, came to dinner at our home. During the afternoon he had called me to see what they could bring.  I said “just bring something for dessert”. Sure, I’ll sort something out, he said.

After dinner he produced a little bag with utensils and ingredients and proceeded to prepare for us the most delicious, light, fluffy and sweet chocolate souffle.  Oh my goodness ……. can you imagine how proud I felt. Very simply served with vanilla ice cream. Yum ……

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised as I have always encouraged my kids to help in the kitchen and we always did a lot of entertaining of  family and friends, so food has played a big part in their lives. Whenever we go to their home for a meal he is always in the kitchen helping out or even running the show. Seafood on the barbie is a specialty.

Thank you Matt for a truly wonderful dessert and treat for your Mum.

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